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New CSGO Roster

Comments 0 By UK dezje in CSGO Team News on Monday 06 July @ 23:22

csgo news

Hello everyone! Today marks the day of another return to CS for Imageless as i'd like to announce a new roster featuring previous members of the organisation.

After the previous CS division featuring mitch UK mitchen harrop and Jamie UK jsexy Healy didn't work out, everyone decided to go their seperate ways.

However, veteran Imageless members danny UK jolt faint and roy Netherlands RhX- slagter have hooked up with adam UK dezje carlton, mike UK stalkz goodman and Imageless newcomer UK dckyy to form the new team.

The team's primary goal is to finish top 8 at upcoming winter LAN Insomnia 56 in coventry on November 20th but online tournaments such as ESL UK, FaceIT, ESEA Open & Gameface League are all a possibility in the run up to that event.

And so the new CSGO division of Imageless is as follows:

adam UK dezje carlton
mike UK stalkz goodman
danny UK jolt feint
roy Netherlands RhX- slagter
UK dckyy

Imageless is also still on the lookout for potential partners. If you are owner or part of a server company, esport clothing brand, peripheral distributor etc you can contact


Comments 3 By Australia LilDevilTan in BATTLEFIELD 4 on Sunday 06 April @ 12:14



Comments 1 By Australia LilDevilTan in BATTLEFIELD 4 on Friday 21 March @ 02:31

I'm like a little kid at Christmas Time.......

Coming March 25 for Premium Members
Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion pack available on March 25.
4 NEW MAPS .. read full article for map descriptions


Comments 1 By Australia LilDevilTan in BATTLEFIELD 4 on Tuesday 11 March @ 21:13

Latest update makes way for new weapons and unlocks - Here's how to get them!

Battlefield 4 - Second Assault - Blasts from the past!

Comments 1 By Australia LilDevilTan in BATTLEFIELD 4 on Thursday 20 February @ 09:42

Battlefield 4 - Second Assault - What they have to offer you!

Hi all, my name is LilDevilTan and most of you know me ingame as "TAN" .. This is my first of many news reports that i will try and be keeping you up-to-date with amongst the Battlefield!


click "Read More" for all the details!

Chrissy ;-)

Comments 2 By Australia -|L-clankiller in Clan News on Saturday 21 December @ 13:52

Its that time of year for Imageless to wish you all a very merry xmas ;-)and make sure you guys have a great new year have fun and thanks for the past year hope we spend more years to come.....under Imageless

thanks guys keep up the good work

Imageless is looking for teams and sponsors!

Comments 0 By UK dezje in General on Friday 06 September @ 23:41


Yes so I am back and Imageless is looking for some lovely sponsors to help us with the endeavour of expanding as an organisation. Whatever service or product you provide to the gaming world we would love to work with you so please write to or apply via our forum.

We are also looking for fresh talent to represent Imageless in a variety of games. If you have a team and would like to play under our banner then you too can apply via the above email address or through our forum using the template provided.

If you know anybody who is looking for a friendly organisation or a company who is looking to get their name out there, please contact me!

i49 Lineup Complete

Comments 2 By UK dezje in CSGO Team News on Saturday 20 April @ 23:35

csgo news

Hey guys, time for a little update!

After i48 we felt quite disappointed that we hadn't achieved what we expected (9th-12th or greater) and Shabo and Jimmak decided to part ways with us. We ideally wanted to stick together and get practice in for i49 after getting to know eachother at the lan. Unfortunately the guys didn't feel the team had potential and went their seperate ways.
Myself and jolt began talks of what we were to do for i49, as it was important to establish a new lineup as soon as possible in order to get in plenty of practice. We also met up with Vinny aka Mental at i48, who gave us some feedback on what he felt contributed to our losses at that particular event. After further talks we decided to try out some games together, and brought in our player from i47 Tom 'MHT' Welling to see how things went. After playing several games together it was clear that Stalker's confidence in the team and his general morale was incredibly low, and it was effecting everyone else. As a result we decided to let Mike go, and he was substituted with ex-MINESTRY member James 'Jamesta' Granata who felt he could contribute a lot to the team in the form of strategy and personal ability.

So the Imageless lineup for Insomnia 49 will be:

UK jolt
England MHT
England Vinny
UK jamesta

Over the next few months in the run up to i49 we will be doing our best to compete in online leagues such as Enemy Down, UNGL, ESEA and ESL, as well as getting in as many PCW's as we can against other teams attending the next Multiplay event.

Hopefully with a strong established roster and a good 4 months practice ahead of the event we will finally be able to do Imageless proud! Wish us luck guys!